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Dementia is a common condition that affects about 800,000 people in the UK and the condition usually occurs in people over the age of 65.

Do you:

  • Find it hard to follow conversations or programmes on TV?
  • Forget the names of friends or everyday objects?
  • Notice that you repeat yourself or lose the thread of what you are saying?
  • Feel confused in a familiar environment?
  • Struggle to remember arrangements or appointments that you have made?
  • Notice that family members start to comment on your forgetfulness?

Memory problems are common, however they can also be an early sign of dementia.  If you have persisting concerns that your memory is deteriorating and it impacts on your daily life, you should seek help from your GP.

If you are worried about someone else, you should encourage them to make an appointment and perhaps suggest that you go with them too.

An early diagnosis can help people with dementia get the right treatment and support, and help those close to them to prepare and plan for the future. With treatment and support, many people are able to lead active, fulfilled lives.

Diagnosed with Dementia?

An ‘After Diagnosis’ factsheet has been developed by the Alzheimers Society which includes helpful tips and advice.

Further help and support

If you or anyone involved has any questions, the following services may be of help:

Local Alzheimers Society Office (for people diagnosed with any type of dementia and their carers)

Tel: 0161 477 6999

Address: Lansdowne House, 85 Buxton Road, Stockport, SK2 6LR

Signpost Stockport for Carers

Tel 0161 442 0442

FLAG – for local advice and guidance in Stockport

Tel 0161 474 1042

Stockport Dementia Care Training (for family and friends)

Tel 0161 716 4531

Age UK Stockport

Tel 0161 480 1211

Or visit the Alzheimers Society online for information and advice on all types of dementia

Information factsheets

Please click on the following links for information about Stockport groups for people living with dementia, their families, carers and friends.

Stockport Groups for people living with dementia

Stockport dementia groups map

Please try and make sure that you contact the groups before attending as some of them are currently full.

Date published: 9th May, 2022
Date last updated: 13th March, 2023