Cheadle Medical Practice

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Cheadle Medical Practice prescription request statement

Prescription requests will be processed within two full working days. Providing there are no issues with the request the prescription will be made available to either the patient or nominated pharmacy within that time frame

More complex requests or those that require a gp to review may take longer.

We encourage patients / community pharmacists to ensure that repeat prescriptions are requested in a timely manner to prevent running out of important medication.

If you have attended a hospital clinic and have hand written confirmation and additional changes in your medication this will again take 2 working days to process. If a hospital consultant requires immediate change to your regime the hospital contract states that they should provide you with a prescription for the medication themselves which you can obtain from the hospital pharmacy.

Prescription requests following a private consultation will again be subject to the practice policy of 2 full working days.

Greater Manchester medicine management group have a clear policy for these requests:

  • The responsibility for prescribing rests with the doctor who has clinical responsibility for a particular aspect of the patients care
  • There is no obligation on behalf of the gp to prescribe the recommended treatment if it is contrary to his/her normal practice
  • If the private/ consultant recommendation does not follow national/ local policy or gmmmg formulary, the gp can substitute the drug with a clinically appropriate medication.
  • If a patient is seen privately for a single epsiode of care then short term medication should be part of the package of care provided.
  • If a private consultation identifies/ manages a long term condition and the recommended medication fits the criteria above then gp will prescribe.

Private prescription provided by Cheadle Medical Practice

  • Can only be provided for nhs patients if the medication is not prescribable on the nhs eg black list but again covered by gp discretion
  • Drugs for malarial prophylaxis
  • Anticipatory travel remedies
  • Travel vaccinations not covered by nhs policy