Cheadle Medical Practice

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Routine Appointments

Check Self-Care First

Please have a quick look at our self-care information to see if your problem could be treated by the local pharmacy, or by yourself. This helps to keep appointments free for those most in need. However, if you do need to be seen:-


Routine Appointments – The Easy Way

The easiest way to get help with a routine problem is using our Online Queries portal – click here to open. This helps keep our phone lines free for those who need urgent help or are unable to use the online system.

You can also book by telephoning the surgery on 0161 983 9090 or visiting us in person.


Telephone GP Appointments

All of our routine GP appointments are currently by telephone or video. This is to help us manage the number of people sat in our waiting rooms at one time. If you would like to be seen face-to-face, please speak to the clinician during your telephone appointment to see if this is possible.

If a telephone consultation is booked with a doctor, the doctor cannot guarantee what time he or she will call you back. The doctor will only call once and if you are not in you will need to log your call again with reception.

We do not have a facility to make calls to telephones with ‘anonymous call barring’.


The GP Isn’t Always The Best Person To Help…

The best person to help you may not be a GP – we have large teams of experienced clinicians who may be best placed to help.


Other Care and Support

Please see here for information about other care and support which is available.


Chaperone Policy

Our Chaperone Policy is available here.

Cancelling Your Appointment

Why Bother Cancelling? Every month over 200 patients fail to keep their appointments and don’t cancel. This is a huge number, and very frustrating when we know there is massive ... [continue] Cancelling Your Appointment