Cheadle Medical Practice

Our Appointment System


Cheadle Medical Practice has changed the way we help patients with queries.

It’s no secret that it can be difficult to access medical help. This has affected GP Practices across the UK, however we are embracing new ways of working which will help improve patient access to our services.

Why change?

The aim of the changes is to make it easier for patients to contact us regarding medical issues, reduce queues on the phones, and stop the “8am rush”.

How does it work?

We will ask all patients who can to contact us via the form on our website, regardless of whether you feel the matter is urgent or routine. Once you’ve made your query, you will be sent some additional questions to answer about your condition. These answers will go to a GP, who will assess your case and provide the best outcome – this may be self-care advice, a prescription, or an appointment with the best member of the team to help you – this may not be a GP.

We have a range of medically-qualified experts available to help – Community Pharmacists, Physiotherapists, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Paramedics, Physician Associate. This means our GPs are available to support with the most complex queries in a more timely fashion.

Those who cannot access the internet will always be able to phone us – our team will be happy to help. They will go through the relevant questions with you on the phone. All the answers are still dealt with by a GP so you do not gain or lose priority by contacting us this way.

In Summary

  • Step One: Contact the practice via our website or phone to let us know about your medical issue.
  • Step Two: You will be sent a short questionnaire which usually takes less than 5 minutes to complete. Please complete this as quickly as possible so the GP can assess your case.
  • Step Three: Your answers are reviewed by a GP who will determine the best course of action – appointment, prescription or advice.

Please see the video below which explains in more detail:-